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Teleplan Handscreeding System Tp-150/260 with HG-TP

For generations, screed bars to prepare the bedding material for pavers, have been somehow rectangular shaped.

When pulling bedding material with such shaped screed bars, the screed bar tends to scape upwards. To avoid this, the bar has to be pressed down with high force and pulled at the same time. This is exhausting and time consuming work, especially as the work has to be carried out in a ergonimical bad body position, kneeing in the wet sand.

The new TELEPLAN TP aluminium profile from Probst however is sickle shaped. Therefore the profile cuts itself into the bedding material and does not move upwards. The force to push it down is not needed any more. Especially when screeding compacted sand, also when due to sideways obstacles the screed bar can not be moved  sideways “swaing off” the material, the advatage of the TP profile is enormous.


  • Number of: 1 piece
  • Working Width: 1.500 – 2.600mm (59 – 102”)
  • Dead Weight: 6,0kg  (13lbs)

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