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Quickjet Qj-600-E Vacuum Lifting Device

Lifts even very porous materials

For efficient and safe handling even of very porous products up to 600 kg (1,320 lbs). The vacuum power is generated by a strong, electrically powered vacuum turine. Besides highly porous slabs, also products with exposed aggregats and other rough surface can be handled safe and quickly.

The compact QUICKJET QJ-600-E can be attached to any carrier by means of load hook, chains, slings etc.

Optional Extra:

NEW: With its new Wheelset QJ-RS the QUICKJET becomes the perfect, mobile vacuum generator for economic and accurate installation of natural stones, concrete slabs, large-size pavers etc. Furthermore the wheelset protects the suction
plate during storage and transport.

  • The wheelset consists of a base plate with integrated wheels. The QUICKJET QJ and suction plate are just fixed by means of quick release fasteners.
  • MICROJUMBO-JET MJ-J-I and II can be connected easily via the vacuum connection of the carrier. By lifting-up the QUICKJET handle the unit can be moved like a wheelbarrow.
  • Even highly porous material can be handled safe and fastened.


  • The vacuum lifting device comes with a fixed suction plate ESP 120-38/38 QJ – max. carrying capacity 120 kg (265 lbs) – and a elektrical power cable with on-off swich at the plug connector.
  • The electric generator to operate the vacuum turbine is not included, however it is available as an optional accessory. This generator can be Placed in frame of the QJ.
  • To ensure proper function of the elektric turbine when powering the QJ with a generator, please be aware of the following facts_
  • The minimum continuous power production has to be 1,600 W. Exclusively generators with modern inverter Technology, such as Honda EU 20 i model, should be used.
  • Quick change fasteners allow for speedy attachment of different suction plates to the fixed plate ESP 120-38/38 QJ within seconds. The different suction plates available are covering versatile kinds of application, various slab sizes and weights.
  • A foldable handle ensures safe and accurate ositioning of the slabs to be laid.
  • The integrated chain guard assures additional safe operation.
  • The QJ can be operated without generator at any time. In this case the QJ has to be connected to the elektrical network by using a extension cable.
  • Compact design

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