Flexmarker-Kit FMK


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Flexmarker-Kit FMK

Makes Shaping Curves Easy

Attractive design for your garden with dynamically shaped paths and courses. Using the new FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK it will turn out well without visual interruptions.

The FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK is a complete system to shape and mark tailor-made curves. Creating dynamically shaped paths without visual interruptions.

  • Harmonious curves can be prepared quickly and with enormous time savings.
  • The kit contains 10 fiberglass rods with 1 meter length and 10 binders for pins 5 fixing claws.
  • Smallest bending radius 15 cm

Work mode 1: The connectable fiberglass rods can be securely fixed on the existing pavement with the fixing claws. The curve can be marked by spray paint or chalk (e.g. PAVERMARKER PM of Probst). Weighted by paving stones, the clawsare immovably fixed.

Work mode 2: For paths and bed edges, the socalled one-liner, are laied in dry concrete. For that purpose the FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK can be fixed at the pins with the binders. It doesn‘t only show the curve, it also shows the vertical profile.

  • Specifications:
    – Consists of: 10 fiberglass rods, 5 Fixing claws and 10 binders
  • Dead Weight:  2,7kg (6lbs)

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