EBAC PF400 Heater


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EBAC PF400 Heater

The Ebac PF400 portable industrial blower and fan is a versatile and heavy-duty appliance ideal for the industrial and commercial sector. The fan can be attached at either, or both, ends to ducts for long distance applications. This high quality, high performance air mover is built for ventilation and drying applications in a large range of scenarios.

Many Applications
With the Ebac PF400 portable industrial blower and fan, you can address problems in fire departments, crawl spaces, construction sites, welding booths, mines, laboratories, shipbuilding yards, manufacturing, and wet buildings!

When hot, humid conditions saturate your work site, it can lead to productivity reduction, not to mention extreme discomfort. The unit will supply a constant flow for fresh, cooled air to make even the hottest areas comfortable and cool.

Provide safe living and working environments with the Ebac PF400 portable industrial blower and fan. In areas with unpleasant smells, dust, or fumes, the unit will extract huge amounts of contaminated air

Poorly ventilated and crowded rooms are unhealthy and unpleasant, with the lack of fresh air causing drowsiness. This portable applicance will ensure a constant, fresh supply of oxygenated rich air!

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