1 Tonne Ausa Hi-Tip


1 Tonne Ausa Hi-Tip

Looking to rent or buy a 1 Tonne Ausa Hi-Tip? With Depots in Naas & Dublin, we have you sorted with our 1 Tonne Ausa Hi-Tip… Call Hireco Plant and Tool Hire today on 045 874 433. We are here to help!

D 100 / 120 A

Articulated compact dumper with a 5 model range, one for every task needs. Wide from 1.1 to 1.2m and from 1.000 to 1.200kg of capacity. Tilting skip (AHG) and height unloading skip (AHA).  Dumpers with the highest capacity in volume skip of the market.

With the most robust and efficient technology in hydrostatic transmission by Bosch-Rexroth. Exclusive AUSA axels with epicycloidal reduction and sealed breaks with multiple discs in oil.

Dumper with Kubota engine, very low noise and a joystick for a full control of operation in a very easy way.

Great stability at full load thanks to a uniform weight distribution. Double rear counterweight that works as bumper as well.

Robust dumper and easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications

SpecificationsD 100 / 120 AHA / AHG
Load capacity1.000 kg / 1.200 Kg
Traction4×4 permanent
Engine16,8 kW
Unloading systemHeight unloading (AHA) / Revolving (AHG)
Hopper capacities505l (D 100) / 680l (D 120 AHA) / 670l (D 120 AHG)
Measures (wide x long x high)(D 100 AHA) 3.14×1.10×2.37 / (D 100 AHG) 3.12×1.10×2.40 / (D 120 AHA) 3.14×1.20×2.42 / (D 120 AHG) 3.12×1.20×2.42
Unladen weigth(D 100 AHA) 1.300 kg / (D 100 AHG) 1.270 kg / (D 120) 1.375 Kg

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